Once upon a time, there was a slightly awkward teenager who really liked writing music and making studio recordings.  She opened up her own home studio for business at thirteen, and then the GRAMMY Foundation invited her to study audio engineering at GRAMMY Camp 2012.  Soon after, she started producing, arranging, mixing, and mastering an EP for a singer-songwriter named Lily Garay, and she blogged about the process along the way.  Then, she composed a full-length solo piano album, Airborne, and recorded it by herself in her home studio–again, blogging about every step in the journey.


Shelby, age 18, before moving to Nashville

One day that kid grew up, moved from Charlottesville, VA, to Nashville, TN, and went to Belmont University to get a BM in Music Composition and a BS in Audio Engineering Technology.  She eventually made composing her main focus, so she started doing that a lot more.  In 2016, she won the Nashville Philharmonic Orchestra’s Composition Competition with her orchestral work, Out of Ashes, and the piece went on to have three more performances following the premiere.  That’s when it was cemented in her mind that composing was her calling, and she’s never looked back.

Me, today.

I started this blog when I was sixteen and still working in a tiny closet in my parents’ basement, but today, I’m a twenty-one year-old freelance composer, professional pianist, and a senior at Belmont University.  I’m pursuing a career as a full-time composer, pianist, and music producer, and I’m blogging about it along the way.   People always seem to think that my life is super glamorous just because I live in Nashville and have a lot of performances.  Sometimes it is, but most of the time, it’s not.  I don’t pretend to have it all figured out, so I’m sharing my story along the way.

P.S. If you want an actual bio, read it here on my official website.

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  1. Gretchen Blakey says:

    Shelby, you come by your perfectionism honestly– it’s rampant in the family! Love your music. Aunt Gretchen


  2. bsharpej says:

    Hi Shelby, thanks for following my blog I’ll be following you too! I’m enjoying your music, I wish all the best for you.


  3. nashsk says:

    Hey! Thanks for checking out SkyMonk’s blog! I really appreciate your interest. I read through and listened to your material — very cool and well done. I’m inspired to do better! SkyMonk looks forward to applying to be featured on your blog.

    Kelly Nash of SkyMonk


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