Hi, I’m Shelby Lock (Shelby Rawlings Blalock), and I’m a composer, pianist, audio engineer, and music producer.  I’m finishing up my last semester of college, working towards a dual degree in Music Composition and Audio Engineering. I live in Nashville, TN (and love it!), but part of my heart will always be in my hometown near Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

There’s no one way to make a career as a composer-engineer, so over the last few years, I’ve found myself in all kinds of adventures and misadventures.  I like writing, so I figured, why not blog about my weird life?

Now if you’ve never heard of me (which is pretty much everyone who’s never met me), you might be wondering if I’m somehow famous just because I’m working in the music industry in Nashville.  Well, nope.  I’m just a twenty-two year-old still trying to find my way in life and in my career.

That being said, I’m not without some successes so far: The Nashville Philharmonic Orchestra premiered one of my pieces for orchestra in 2016, I’ve had works featured in Nashville Composer Collective concerts, I’ve been invited to study at five music festivals around the United States, and I’ve even received national recognition in some composing competitions.  Before all that, in high school, I composed, performed, and engineered my own commercially released solo piano, and the GRAMMY Foundation invited me to study audio engineering at GRAMMY Camp, their premier summer program for high-school musicians.  So I like to think that I’m on my way…

Want to join me on this journey?  I hope you’ll follow my blog.


P.S. If you want an actual bio, read it here on my official website.


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  1. Gretchen Blakey says:

    Shelby, you come by your perfectionism honestly– it’s rampant in the family! Love your music. Aunt Gretchen


  2. bsharpej says:

    Hi Shelby, thanks for following my blog I’ll be following you too! I’m enjoying your music, I wish all the best for you.


  3. nashsk says:

    Hey! Thanks for checking out SkyMonk’s blog! I really appreciate your interest. I read through and listened to your material — very cool and well done. I’m inspired to do better! SkyMonk looks forward to applying to be featured on your blog.

    Kelly Nash of SkyMonk


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